Weirdest thing happened with Scooby,

Weirdest thing happened with Scooby, my PowerBook, yesterday. I lost all audio. iTunes wouldn’t even start playing a track. I figured I’d restart at the end of day to see if that fixed it, but as I was getting ready to do so, I pulled the plug out of the speaker jack (I have Scooby plugged into a nice Harman/Kardan system). All of a sudden, not only did the sound come back, but it played all the sounds it skipped during the day, like they were stuck in some sort of buffer. Weird.

Today I had to reset the power manager, because I’ve had it with the weird sleep problems with this machine. Hopefully this will fix it. If not, time for a clean install of Jaguar, unless 10.2.4 comes out and fixes my problems by some chance.

If you ever have to reset the power manager on a PowerBook G4 (DVI and later models), take the keyboard off. The reset switch is under the keyboard, in the upper left hand corner.

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