Oi! Some days I really

Oi! Some days I really enjoy my job. This wasn’t one of them. Started the day by finding out that we had a power failure over the weekend, so I spent the first half hour or so removing AppleTalk and re-installing it on my Windows 2000 Servers to get them to advertise themselves properly again. Why? Because of a huge bug in Windows 2000 File Server for Macintosh when you’re running dual processors and Intel NIC. Fun stuff.

Oh, yeah, and my boss was out sick today, while my other co-workers were either on vacation or at her new job. So it was just the intern and I today. Fortunately, the intern, DW, is an incredibly hard worker.

Watched Monsters, Inc. and Swordfish over the weekend. Both very good movies. I’m sure I’ll be watching Monsters many more times in the near future, because when Grace finds a movie she likes, we watch it constantly. She also has the new Larry Boy video, so we’ll probably alternate for a while.

I’ll have some pictures from the beach up soon.

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