Back from Ocean City, and

Back from Ocean City, and taking a sick day. I woke up with some pretty impressive congestion in my chest, and no amount of coughing seems to help. So, I’m bagging work today.

Older, but interesting article: What is the difference between Carbon and Cocoa and should I even care? Written by Geoff Perlman, CEO of REAL Software, Inc. We need more informed and reasoned articles like this. I’m so sick and tired of the attitude that Cocoa is somehow “more native” than Carbon. What does “more native” even mean? You can’t be “more native”. That’s like being “more dead” or “more married”. You’re either native, or you’re not. And, while Cocoa is cool and everything, I’m tired of it being hailed by the ignorant as the greatest thing that’s ever happened to anyone, anywhere. It’s just an API. And let’s not forget that Carbon, which allows Mac programs to run on UNIX, is a pretty big engineering feat in and of itself.

Tom Waits: Don Henley is willing to get a haircut and go to Washington. I’m all for that.

This is so tempting, but I think I’ll forego it and knuckle down with SQL.

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