Microsoft says Apple isn’t pushing

Microsoft says Apple isn’t pushing OS X, as evidenced by the lower-than-expected sales of Office v.X. Hmmmm. Well, Office v.X costs about $500 and it only runs on OS X. Even though it’s Carbon, it won’t work on OS 9. Maybe that’s sticking point for some people. And even so, it took Microsoft a full year to support OS X with anything other than IE. More here.

Funny that this is on the same day that Microsoft finally releases their Palm conduits for Entourage X.

Dave Winer (author of XML-RPC which makes this website possible) is quitting his smoking habit: “Four weeks — no smokes. 28 days. Still think about them, but less often (in other words, not every waking moment).” Go for it, Dave. Half the stuff you write still makes me think you’re a hoser, but you can be a healthy hoser.

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