Hmmmmm . . . a

Hmmmmm . . . a possible explanation for Dave passing out in my office a few weeks ago.

Apple’s new eMac, just for education. Awesome machine. My friend Joe thinks it’s butt-ugly, but I like it. My only complaint – no handle. Related Slashdot discussion is here.

Matt Groening, via “I wear two hats,” he admits. “One is as the cranky cartoonist, but I also have to worry about a lot of people and be a manager and boost morale and all that stuff. I’m not particularly fond of the stuff which takes me away from the creative side.”

Jen and I are very seriously considering adoption. In vitro, while appealing, is awfully risky, especially given our finances (or lack thereof). Adoption, which is still expensive, has more than a fifty percent success rate. Plus there are so many kids out there who need homes. If I could afford it, I’d adopt them all. I know Jen would, too.

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