Bill Gates: In cross-examination during

Bill Gates: In cross-examination during his second day on the witness stand, Gates reluctantly said the proposed remedies would have kept Microsoft from threatening to cease development of Mac Office if Apple Computer had not installed Internet Explorer on new computers. Well, duh.

Arg! Stupid virus! Receiving an e-mail containing the Klez virus “from” someone does not indicate that their computer is infected or that they sent the virus, antiviral experts said. Klez spoofs “From” information in the e-mails the virus sends. My friend Steve has it. I’m getting killed. He has to use Outlook Express on Windows where he works. If he were allowed to use his PowerBook with the Mac version of Outlook Express, this wouldn’t be happening.

I learned a lot about Active Directory today. Pretty cool, but it seems very complicated. I’m very excited that it can function as a standard LDAP server, because I’ll be authenticating Mac OS X Server against it if everything works out right.

Apparenty the propaganda thing from yesterday was a hoax. Not a very funny one in the grand scheme of things, but (and I must credit where credit is due) very well executed. I’ve known too many people who reason like that.

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