So I call my pharmacy

So I call my pharmacy last night around 4:15 to order a refill on my cough syrup. They have a special, automated hotline for just such an occasion. I type in my prescription number and my customer number, and then it asks me what time I would like to pick up my prescription.

I figure they close at 5:00 on Sunday, so I type 4:45. “That does not give us enough to complete your prescription,” says the attendant. “Please enter a time between 5:16 PM and 6:00 PM.”

Cool! They’re open until 6:00! Now I don’t feel like a putz for waiting so long to call it in. I type 5:30. “Your order has been accepted.” And I wait.

At 5:30 I go to the pharmacy, only to discover that they closed at 5:00.

Now I’m angry and confused, so I go home and cough myself to sleep.

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