Mmmmmm . . . HTML

Mmmmmm . . . HTML parsing in REALbasic. I have a working prototype. It doesn’t do much yet. Grabs the title, and does bold, italic, and underline. Task for tomorrow: text color and background color. If time allows, font color and text size. If things go really, clickable links in blue, but that will probably have to wait until Thursday.

For what it’s worth, I’m still using my REALbasic blogger application to post to my weblog. It’s pretty cool, but it requires an OS X only AppleScript. I’d like to get XML-RPC working with RB native code so I can compile for OS X, Classic Mac OS, and Win32. That would be pretty sweet. And with my HTML parsing, I can even include a preview button. Yeeha!

Grace and I are both feeling better. Jen’s surgery is scheduled for April 9. Now for the fight with HealthGuard.

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