Sibelius sucks. I just can’t

Sibelius sucks. I just can’t say it any plainer than that. The installation process is ridiculous (no imaging allowed) and the stability is, well, absent. If it starts to crash with a Type 1, 2, or 3 error, just trash the MIDI Preferences (Global) file. Then Sibelius starts back up with no problems. Well, it seems to me that this file doesn’t do anything but sit there and corrupt itself. When you trash it, there’s no loss of functionality or settings — it just starts working again. I don’t get it. This is version 1.4. “We’ll fix this in a future release,” they say. Well, the next release is 2.0, and you’ll never guess this, but it costs money for a major version upgrade!

I’m learning all about Server Side Includes right now. Very cool. CSS and PHP are next on my list of web technologies to master. Still working on XMP-RPC in REALbasic.

My voice is back. It came back as suddenly as it went away. I went to say something to my boss, and I realized I was talking out loud. Weird.

More of the web site is developed. The Music section now has some MP3s and lyrics for songs I’ve written.

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