Charles Haddad of Business Week

Charles Haddad of Business Week thinks that corporate IT keeps choosing PCs over Macs because of job security, rather than the standard arguments of price and technology. Well, duh. One gem: Scores of IT managers and their underlings wrote in — most of them anonymously — to complain that their companies could save millions if they would switch to Macs. And another: I ask you, what’s more cost effective — buying a PC that needs a network technician and two support guys for $5,000 each a month, or a $2,000 Mac that requires just one support person? Excellent points both. That’s one of the reasons so many schools stay with Macs. We’re understaffed and underfunded. If we switched to PCs, we wouldn’t be able to keep up. We’d be buried very quickly.

I’ve chosen a name for my still-very-much-in-progress Blogger program: Frequency. Cool, huh? Kind of a reference to UserLand’s Radio, and also a reminder that you can keep your website more up-to-date by using it. I was pretty pleased with myself.

I’ve posted Technology Deism in the Articles section. It’s a piece I wrote about a year ago for the now totally-up-in-the-air website eTechNews. Enjoy! More to come soon as I continue to build up the site.

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