Sibelius? Still sucks. I had

Sibelius? Still sucks. I had more fun with it today. Although, today’s problems were more a result of problems with Opcode’s OMS. The OMS Setup just ate itself whole. It was sick and twisted, but I upgraded to the latest version and that seemed to fix it. My new favorite thing about Sibelius is that you can order version 2 for Windows, and it’s shipping, but the Mac version isn’t shipping and you can’t pre-order yet. According to the FAQ, the Mac version is taking so long because they want to support Mac OS X 10.1, and it “only just came out.” Yeah, whatever. It’s been out for six months or so, and they could have gotten even earlier if they were in Apple’s Developer program. Heck, I’ve already made several programs that run on 10.1, and I’m still learning how to program!

We have a MIDI Lab in our school that runs Sibelius. Hence my constant interaction with it. Here’s hoping we move to Finale soon.

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