Today I am thankful for Ocean City, New Jersey.

This might seem like something odd for someone from central Pennsylvania to be thankful for, but Ocean City, New Jersey, is one of my favorite places on earth.

Jen’s aunt and uncle have a rental property there, on third street, just a few doors down from the boardwalk. They graciously allow us to stay there for a long weekend each year after the rental season ends.

And that is a great time to be there. There are no crowds, but almost everything is still open. We can walk the boardwalk and hang out on the sand without fighting throngs of people, or we can rent a surrey and not worry about plowing over people. In fact, Grace and I decided that the whole town should be car-less, and just use surreys. That would be really cool.

Anyway, over the past few years I’ve fallen more in love with the island, as I’ve discovered the pleasures of running on the boardwalk. My runs at home are hilly and windy and pretty tough, so running a nice long flat stretch with a full view of the Atlantic Ocean is fantastic.

But each year, it gets harder leave. I’m convinced that I want to move there, but I guess I need to figure out how to afford it first. Until then, I thoroughly enjoy our annual visits. They recharge me when I need it the most.

I am thankful for Ocean City, New Jersey.

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