Continuing with my thankfulness theme, today I am thankful for my daughter, Grace.

I am humbled and honored to be this girl’s father. I take no credit for what an amazing kid she is; she was born that way.

Her heart is bigger than it probably should be. She has more love to offer than I can imagine. This usually manifests itself as empathy for those who cannot take care of themselves, typically toward young children or animals. I have little doubt that she will one day have a house full or animals and perhaps adopted children. And I am always astonished at how well she treats and cares for her little brother, in spite of everything he puts her through.

She is creative and weird in wonderful ways, crafting bags, wallets, and even dresses from duct tape, constantly doing her brother’s hair is strange styles, and even designing complicated photo shoots for our pets, toys, and stuffed animals.

I begin every weekday with her. We’re the ones who get up earlier to get ready for school and work while the others sleep in a bit longer. I cherish these mornings with her, eating breakfast together, packing lunches, and trying to stay warm in the car while we wait for her bus to arrive.

We named her Grace because we truly view children as a gift from God. But I’ll tell you, we had no idea what a gift she would be.

I am thankful for Grace.

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