Today I am thankful for my home.

We were not looking for a new home in 2008. It just kind of happened.

We were entering the final stages of the adoption process with Jonathan, and we were confident that nothing was going to fall through.

Which led us, naturally, to another problem. Our house at the time was just big enough for the four of us, but sharing one bathroom among two adults, one preteen girl, and one boy with special needs would soon become a problem. That much was obvious. So we got a few estimates for doing an addition to the house, and we were just about to commit.

One Sunday, out of the blue, Jen suggested we go to an open house. It was in Penn Manor, where we wanted to be, and it was a nice big house out in the country.

Correction: it was a big ugly house out in the country.

But there were horses that came right up to the fence out back, and there was a garage that I knew would make a good studio, and there was a master bedroom with its very own bathroom, and there was another bathroom and a powder room, and there was a great big yard for the kids to play in.

So we bit the bullet and bought the house.

It’s not ornate or fancy, but we don’t need ornate or fancy. It’s a good solid house.

I am thankful for my home.

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