Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-02-27

  • I am commemorating Presidents' Day by having a huge headache. #
  • This is not my finest hour. #
  • Seriously considering giving up meat and/or non-water beverages for lent this year. #
  • Just posted a 4.00 mi run – Good morning! #RunKeeper #
  • Working on some responsive CSS stuff today. Media queries and such. Interesting stuff. #
  • Dear Everybody: If you're not a programmer, order please don't try to diagnose the problem by "interpreting" the error message. #
  • Just posted a 4.00 mi run – Good morning, thumb friends! #RunKeeper #
  • I should have had a bigger breakfast. #
  • The Twitter spammers are out in full force today. #
  • Wait – Mozilla is making a smartphone/tablet OS? Really? #
  • Just posted a 7.00 mi run with @RunKeeper. Check it out! #RunKeeper #

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