Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-10-03

  • Before and After #
  • Just completed a 5.27 mi run with @runkeeper. Check it out! #RunKeeper #
  • Print stylesheets are a pain in the neck. #
  • Just completed a 4.03 mi run – Ready for the Hands On House Half Marathon on Saturday! #RunKeeper #
  • Apple Mail just put an email from Guitar Center in the junk folder. THAT'S NEVER JUNK. #
  • Playing an acoustic show at Field of Screams in Mountville tonight. Sets at 8 and 9. Come on out! #
  • I'm at Field Of Screams, malady playing one of the weirdest gigs I've ever played. #
  • At least there's no old people yelling at me while I'm playing like at that art gallery last year. That was awkward. #
  • Just completed a 12.99 mi run – Killed my time from last year! #RunKeeper #

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