Resolved, 2011

Every year I seem to have the same New Year’s Resolutions: lose weight, sleep more, and read the Bible.

And every year, I fail at all three.

But not this year.

This year, I did lose weight. Sixty pounds to be exact. And while I didn’t spend as much time in scripture as I wanted to, I did get more sleep. But beyond that, I made some major changes in my life that were, frankly, long overdue.

In April, I started running. I started with the Couch to 5k program and then progressed to a half marathon in September. If you know me, you know just insane that is.

I started tracking what I eat, counting every calorie obsessively. While my wife has grown tired of my obsession, especially now that I’m down sixty pounds, it’s nice to have somewhere to focus my OCD. Besides which, this is the third time in my life that I’ve lost a significant amount of weight, and this was the hardest time. I don’t want to do it a fourth time. I don’t have it in me. So that means I’ll keep tracking my calories, because if I can control those numbers, I can control my weight. And I am terrified of gaining any back.

So what are my resolutions for 2011?

First, keep running. I’d like to do another half marathon in the late spring or early summer, and I’m considering a full marathon after that. Plus the Red Rose Run and maybe a couple 5k runs along the way.

Second, keep the weight off. I weighed in this morning at 159. I want to close out 2011 at 159 or less. The running and the calorie counting will help, as will the Soloflex I recently acquired.

Third, my old standby: read the entire Bible. My plan is to use YouVersion on my iPad to follow their Bible-in-a-year reading plan. I use my iPad every day anyway, so why not use it to help me achieve another goal, right?

I think the lack of a plan has been part of the problem in the past, anyway.

Oh yeah, and I want to build my own custom WordPress theme for this site. šŸ™‚

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