Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-26

  • End of an era: the AppleWorks clip art server appears to be offline. Sorry, ed @theradmom #
  • Just completed a 2.98 mi walk – C25k wk2 d1 w/Grace :). #RunKeeper #
  • Got my first two issues of Runner's World today, thanks to @nevmonster and @DrownInMercy ! #
  • Just completed a 3.99 mi run – Saw the chicken again. #RunKeeper #
  • Must. Caffeinate. More… #
  • Just completed a 5.08 mi run – No chickens today. #RunKeeper #
  • At the K12 User Conference in Hershey. Still weird to see the Etown team without being part of it. Very glad to be at Township, though. #
  • They're going over scheduler enhancements now. Schedulers make my brain hurt. #
  • It's like 60 degrees at this conference. It's almost like being in my cubicle. #
  • Oooooh, door prizes. #
  • Just got my first kernel panic on Snow Leopard. Poop. #
  • Just completed a 3.07 mi walk – Walkin' the pooch. #RunKeeper #
  • Just completed a 3.00 mi run – Short run today. No chicken. #RunKeeper #
  • I've decided to try the Harrisburg Half Marathon in September. Crazy, right? I only started running in April! 🙂 #
  • At Hoss's for lunch with the family. #
  • Anybody out there have a USB 3.5" IDE enclosure I could borrow for a couple days? Need to get data from a friend's 10 year old dead PC. Thx #
  • Just watched the first two episodes of "Look Around You" and almost peed my pants laughing. Funny stuff! #
  • Just completed a 5.88 mi run – Oh wow, that was tough. . #RunKeeper #
  • Leading worship at Oak Hill Fellowship today to help out my friend Ben while he preaches. Looking forward to a great morning! #
  • There was a kid at Oak Hill Fellowship this morning that looked exactly like a teenage Mr. Bean. True story. #
  • Time to get some sleep. Shooting for 5 miles before work tomorrow, followed by a full day of Joomla hacking. #
  • Just completed a 6.05 mi run – It was a chicken free run. #RunKeeper #

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