Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-05-17

  • Very, there very tired. Need sleep. Hmmm. After LOST, diagnosis I guess. #
  • I'm the AV/tech guy for my wife's preschool program tonight. Also the media guy, since I put together the slideshow and video. #
  • Just completed Week 4 – Day 2 of #C25K with @c25kapp #c25kapp #
  • Just completed Week 4 – Day 3 of #C25K with @c25kapp #c25kapp #
  • Pretzel day. That is all. #
  • Heading into Lancaster for a two mile run with some friends. #
  • We had a blast playing a set at Marietta Day today. 🙂 #
  • A little something to help me sing in church today. 😉 @drpepper #
  • Hiking at Chickies Rock and taking pictures. #
  • Led worship at church, hiked with the family, then helped lead worship at NewSong's combined prayer service. Long day, but a good day. #
  • Just completed Week 5 – Day 1 of #C25K with @c25kapp #c25kapp #

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