Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-04-26

  • Mowing in the dark was more difficult than I had anticipated. #
  • Sometimes the cure is worse than the disease:
    Nice one, view McAfee. #
  • Good worship team practice tonight! #
  • Just completed Week 2 – Day 2 of #C25K with @c25kapp #c25kapp #
  • Hey ho let's go #
  • Taking a break between sets. Small space, find but a good crowd. #
  • Downloading Android SDK. #
  • RT @robkroese Giving out another signed copy of Mercury Falls to a randomly selected person who RTs this message before 5pm PDT. #
  • Hanging out at Daniel's Den with the kids. #
  • Tuckered out and missing his mom…
    and maybe a little bit grumpy. #
  • Started the day with an hour on the exercise bike. Now time to wake up my son for church. #
  • Feels good to have my wife home again. I really missed her this weekend. #
  • The boy is off to bed, which is good because I'm about all funned out. #
  • Pretzels. Om nom nom… #
  • Man, it's cold in here. #
  • Today really is National Pretzel Day. Soft pretzels for lunch, definitely. #

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