A Long December

“A long December and there’s reason to believe that this year will be better than the last.”
— Counting Crows

In 2008, I:
– adopted a son
started using Twitter
– started a new band with Tom
– bought a house
– sold a house
– paid off my car
– said goodbye to David, at least as a co-worker/boss
– didn’t get the promotion I applied for, but…
– got a new boss
started using an iPod Touch
– set up a home media server with one terabyte of storage
– switched to DSL and satellite TV, dumping Comcast
– bought two televisions, one LCD and one plasma (I had never paid for a television before 2008)
– watched all episodes to date of LOST, Battlestar Galactica, and Dexter (currently working on Heroes)
– bought some new music (I heart Weezer)
– bought some old music (and rediscovered the magic that is Brian Setzer)
– bought a couple DVDs (Cloverfield really kinda sucked, but Charlie Bartlett was cool)
– got a sweet Danelectro vibe pedal
– found a great used tube amp
– really got sucked into Facebook
– became an uncle for the fourth time
– found out my cousins-in-law are having a baby
– helped my wife’s sister and her husband move
– went to Fenwick Island, DE
– went to Ocean City, NJ
– went to Austin, TX
– moved to Columbia, PA
– helped with renovations at my church
– started a website about worship issues
– played Warfish… a lot
– drank way too much caffeine, particularly in the form of Diet Cherry Vanilla Doctor Pepper
– got a coupon for a free Doctor Pepper
– found a new pizza shop
– installed Linux a couple times, OS X a bunch of times, and Windows way too many times
– played at the Art & Soul Cafe four times (I think)
– hacked two Linksys routers to enable bridge mode

How about you?

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