After months of grandstanding, pontificating, debating, and blustering, our two major party presidential candidates are entering the home stretch. We have only a few weeks to go until the general election, which will slightly influence the electoral college, which will decide the future of our great nation, at least for the next four to eight years.

This has been a difficult campaign for a lot of people. The issues are important and varied. We have the economy and the war. And for some reason, we’re still bickering about abortion. Not to mention gay marriage, health care, and taxes. It seems like everybody has something at stake in this election.

I’ve never endorsed a candidate in this blog before, but tonight I take the step of doing so.

It wasn’t an easy decision. Both Senator Obama and Senator McCain have served our country with honor, so choosing a single candidate was no simple task.

But in the end, the choice was clear. I decided to endorse a candidate with a long and storied history of getting the tough jobs done. Someone who hasn’t made many friends along the way, but who has a proven track record of getting results. Someone who even has a family history in the business.

Click here to see the man who is receiving my endorsement.

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