Three Legged Race

Fake Steve Jobs on the Microsoft-Yahoo deal: The Borg-Yahoo merger won’t work. Here’s why. It’s like taking the two guys who finished second and third in a 100-yard dash and tying their legs together and asking for a rematch, believing that now they’ll run faster. More here (warning: Fake Steve sometimes has a potty mouth).

The Joy of Tech offer its take on the deal.

Frankly, I think Microsoft’s offer to buy Yahoo smacks of desperation. They are scared out of their pants by Google, and this is the best idea they can come up with.

The only effect I can see it having on my life is that Microsoft will own Flickr, which will suck, because I used to have a Flickr account, but then I had to get a Yahoo account to use Flickr when Yahoo bought Flickr. Wonder what happens to my account now? Might be easier just to find a new place to store my online photos. Bleh.

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