Resolved, 2008

Well, last year’s resolutions didn’t work out all that well. So this year, to save time, I’ll just use the same resolutions:
1) Drop 25 pounds (I actually did have a net loss of about five pounds in 2007, but I think that can largely be attributed to the stomach virus I got in late December).
2) Read the entire Bible. So far, so good. Haven’t missed a day yet. Grace wants to do it this year, too, so we’re trying to find time every day to do it together.
3) More sleep. And I’m adding: more exercise. Right now I mostly exercise at night, but I’d like to start doing that in the morning. So my goal is to get to bed by midnight every night, then be up by six to exercise before going to work. This is something I’ll have to work up to.
4) Oh yeah, and one new one: this website needs a graphic overhaul in a baaaad way.

What have you resolved to do or do better in 2008?

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