Redmond Developer on REALbasic 2007

Very positive article about REALbasic 2007 Release 4 (which I’m using and loving) from Redmond Developer:

The product interface is very clean in its appearance and function, compared with the more cluttered VB6 development environment that I had previously used. I especially liked how the most important buttons, “Run” and “Build” are very large, visible and easily accessible on the toolbar, unlike the MSVB6 equivalents that managed to hide in a series of drop-down menus and cluttered toolbars. Equally impressive was how the IDE categorized my test program into several tabs: Project, Window 1’s UI, and Window 1’s code. This helps to keep a project organized in a more logical way. I remember having to toggle between the code and UI of my projects in a drop-down menu in MSVB6, so this was a welcome change.

Nice. Will Kraft, the author of the article, even admits to being an Ubuntu user. I don’t normally follow Redmond Developer, so maybe my comment is out of context, but I found it very refreshing that they’re open to so much non-Microsoft technology.

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