New Addiction

I’ve recently become hooked on Tower Defense games.

It all started with Flash Element TD a couple months ago. After one game, I was hooked. It was a wonderful little diversion that held my attention, gave me a bit of a challenge, and was immensely satisfying.

And I wasn’t alone.

But it didn’t last long.

See, I’m a junkie.

I needed to move on the harder stuff.

So I eagerly awaited Flash Circle TD, the sequel to Flash Element TD. When it came out (like a month late, I might add), I was elated. But the excitement soon gave way to disappointment. As is the case with so many movies, the sequel simply wasn’t as good as the original (mostly because I couldn’t use my beloved Fire Tower anymore).

Time passed.

I went back, grudgingly, to Flash Element TD.

More time passed.

After a while, Jay Is Games provided a brief review of Desktop Tower Defense. This is, hands down, the best of the Tower Defense genre.

I am totally and utterly hooked on this game. In fact, I need only type “h” into Safari’s address bar, and it fills in the rest of the URL (it’s at, hence the “h”).

My only critique is that at 49 or 50 levels, it’s just not long enough. I always end up wanting more, even after those stupid flying bosses get past me every single time.

Anyway, go play it. It’s a ton of fun. I’m hooked.

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