Singing In The Rain

The 2006 Mounvtille Garage Sales were today. Just like last year, Jen and I, along with some other members of our worship team, not to mention a few new friends, played alongside the praise band from St. Paul’s United Methodist Church.

And it rained.

We had just finished our sound check, when I felt a few drops on my head. Now, understand that my head is more sensitive to the rain than most, at least since I started shaving my head last August.

Singing In The Rain
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So we pulled everything back a few feet in order to enjoy the modest protection afforded by the tarp hanging over and slightly behind us.

But anyway, we pressed on. And why not? We were set up, we had practiced, and we were among good friends.

And it turned out pretty well. We each did two sets, and the moment the fourth set ended, the sun came out in full force. Which was, you know, a little bit annoying.

But a good day, nonetheless.

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