Keynote To The Rescue

Well, the PowerPoint/Keynote tip that I posted on Friday saved my butt this morning.

I’m currently in charge of A/V stuff (music, sound, video, computer) during my church’s Sunday morning services. Wherever I can, I use Keynote for the presentations. This morning, Luis was scheduled to spend a few minutes at the end of the service sharing about his recent missions trip to Peru. My pastor told me that Luis would have four or five pictures to share on the screen.

Luis showed up with a USB drive containing 55 pictures.

Now, this is a good thing. He had lots of great photos of the trip to share with the congregation. But I was left with only a few minutes to get 55 pictures into this morning’s Keynote file.

Using Friday’s tip, this was a breeze. Each of the 55 pictures was imported and placed onto its own slide in about 90 seconds. In fact, the only obstacle I ran into was trying stop one of the kids from making shadow puppets in front of the projector while I worked on it.

So in the end, Luis shared some really interesting pictures with us. It was very humbling to see the circumstances in which many Peruvians live. As Jen and I contemplate moving or renovating, it was striking to see homes with no roofs, or with walls made out of cardboard.

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