Top 5 Things I’m Digging About RB 2005/2006

There’s been an awful lot of griping on the NUG over the past few months. Now, I understand that everyone’s entitled to an opinion, but some of it has gone waaaaay over the top. In that spirit, I present the Top 5 Things I’m Digging About RB 2005/2006. Just to be clear, I started using RB2005 exclusively from the moment it was available, and I’m currently using RB2006r2 full-time. I use REALbasic for my job every day, so I’m not just dabbling here. Anyway, here’s the list.

  1. The tabbed interface
  2. I know it’s not for everyone, but I’m digging it. Admittedly, when I first saw Geoff’s demo at REAL World 2004, I was horrified. About five minutes later, I got it. Now I can’t go back to RB 5.x. It’s too awkward.

  3. Container Controls
  4. When they were first available, I was stoked. Then I lost interest, because I didn’t really have a need for them. Then I found a great way to use them, and I was again stoked.

  5. Computed Properties
  6. For some reason, I just get a kick out of controls having a “Right As Integer” or “Bottom As Integer” property. Of course, there are useful applications as well.

  7. HTMLViewer
  8. Yes, it definitely has some issues, and yes, I’d love to be able to print from it, but dang, it sure has made Tangelo prettier and more functional.

  9. New Language Reference
  10. Wicked fast, and eminently hackable, not that I condone such behavior, because I don’t.

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