Dissecting A Bear

I’ve neglected to mention that I’ve written an article for REALbasic Developer. The editor and publisher, Marc Zeedar, attended my Kodiak session at REAL World a couple months back, and recently asked me if I’d be interested in writing one of the magazine’s Postmortem features on my baby bear. Naturally, I jumped at the chance.

If you don’t subscribe, now’s a good time to do so, unless you don’t actually program in REALbasic, in which case you should just plan to buy the next issue.

Here’s a brief excerpt from article, and I hope Marc doesn’t mind my quoting it here:

But Assessment Tools left me with an additional problem: now I had student data spread across three systems instead of two. The following week, I went to Dave and said, “I think we should build our own system and pull the plug on one of the others.” He thought it was an idea worth pursuing, since it seemed it would solve several problems at once: the server crashes, data consolidation, and faculty acceptance. Since this wasn’t a decision to be made lightly, we approached Dave’s boss, the Assistant Superintendent, and she agreed to talk to the Superintendent to get his thoughts on the matter. He said we could do it, with the understanding that if we failed, he would do nasty things to us.

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