Wow. GData. This is cool stuff.

I’ll be honest: I haven’t read the spec in its entirity yet, but I gotta say, this had the potential to be very, very big. Especially this part: the Calendar Data API. Check this out:

Google Calendar allows client applications to view and update calendar events in the form of Google data API (“GData”) feeds. Your client application can use the Google Calendar data API to create new events, edit or delete existing events, and query for events that match particular criteria.

There are many possible uses for the Calendar data API. For example, you can create a web front end for your group’s calendar that uses Google Calendar as a back end. Or you can generate a public calendar for Google Calendar to display, based on your organization’s event database. Or you can search relevant calendars to display a list of upcoming events on those calendars.

I’m thinking that this could be the elusive shared calendar solution we’ve been searching for at work. If multiple people can edit it remotely, plus people can use iCal to enable synchronizing (at least on the Mac), then this has huge potential. Time to dive into web services again, I suppose.

Via Gadgetopia.

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