Top 10 Things That Are Bugging Me This Week

10. Websites that don’t work correctly (or at all) if you don’t put “www” at the front of the URL. Come on, aren’t we past this by now?
9. The dead 60 GB Toshiba hard drive that we removed from my wife’s 12″ PowerBook G4 this morning. But I’m digging the 100 GB Seagate we installed.
8. The proxy server at work that blocks Homestar Runner. Seriously.
7. The media frenzy over Cheney’s hunting accident. Can we please let go of this?
6. Episode 38, Level 4 in N. I don’t think it’s possible. And yet I keep playing. I cannot stop.
5. The delay in the Star Wars live action TV series. All I can say is that after all the waiting, the show had better be all Boba Fett, all the time.
4. The pointless ranting and raving on the NUG. Enough already! Back to the code!
3. Comment spam in Movable Type and/or phpBB. What’s the point? Can there really be money in this? I mean real money?
2. The fact that I probably won’t win the grand prize in the iTunes contest. I mean, what are the chances, right?
1. The lazy and the quarrelsome. Again.

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