REAL World 2006: Day Zero

Dave and I flew out of Philadelphia this morning around 11:30 and finally landed in Austin, TX, around 4:30 this afternoon (taking the time zone difference into account). Our flights were painless and relatively quiet, which was nice.

After we arrived at the hotel, I checked in with my family, then headed off to the Speakers’ Dinner. I had a great cheeseburger and some great conversation with Will, Aaron, Jon, Mike, and Thomas, among others. I started to get tired after a while, so I wandered out of the restaurant, but as I got closer to the bar, I found Dave and a bunch of others crowded around Thomas, who was giving an impromptu session on version control.

We went back to our room, where I had a brief videochat with Jen. After she went offline (and presumably to bed), Dave and I surfed around for a while before heading up to the rooftop hot tub.

And now for a good night’s rest, before the good stuff starts tomorrow morning.

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