Update: 21 Things

Wow. It’s been a while. Almost a month. Sorry about that.

This is the time of year when everything gets crazy for my department. Hopefully it will ease up around Christmas.

So, anyway, here’s what I’ve been up to. Since my last post I…

  1. cleaned someone else’s vomit off of my PowerBook. 
  2. made huge changes to Tangelo (mostly in the area of FTP publishing).
  3. took my family on our annual trip to Ocean City, NJ.
  4. cried several times because I miss our most recent foster daughter so much.
  5. received a ridiculous amount of compliments on how cool our stroller/backpack combo is. Although, truth be told, it is pretty cool.
  6. took two vacation days.
  7. released an updated version of Kodiak.
  8. made lego versions of my coworkers.Lego Brad, Casual
  9. went back on Atkins. Several times, in fact.
  10. ate pizza at Mack & Manco’s.
  11. finally made another batch of my homemade raspberry iced tea.
  12. helped my church purchase a Korg Triton LE 88 to replace the out of tune piano our host building lets us use as part of the rental.
  13. ran my USB jump drive through the wash. Still works, though. All part of my “data cleansing” project at work.
  14. rented a dumpster and began the monumental task of dejunkifying my house.
  15. was quoted in a REAL Software press release about the REAL World conference.
  16. had quite a few long discussions about what Pennsylvania really means when it says “Attribution School” on PSSA results.
  17. couldn’t think of any more witty death matches.
  18. got to visit Tanya.
  19. bought some new jeans.
  20. acquired yet another hideous green PowerSchool t-shirt.
  21. attended Parent Visitation Day at Gracie’s school. I got to eat lunch with her. It was really, really nice.

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