How Lightsabers Work

From Chances are that you have seen a lightsaber at one time or another, whether on the evening news or down at the local cantina. Therefore you know that a lightsaber is an amazing and versatile device that is able to cut through nearly anything in a matter of milliseconds.

Darth VaderCool. I can’t remember ever being as excited about a new Star Wars movies as I am about Episode III. Gracie and I just finished Episode I and tomorrow we’re doing Episode II. I’ve seen them already, but it’s always good for another viewing, and it’s fun to watch Gracie discover the Star Wars universe. It’s also fun to hear her talk about Dark Vader, Dark Maul, and Dark Sidious.

When Darth Maul first appeared, she said, “Daddy, is he good or bad?”

“He’s bad,” I said.

“I can tell,” she replied. “I can tell by how he looks.”

Which is good, becuase if she ever encounters a dude with six little horns and a painted face in real life, I hope she runs.

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