Medium Auburn

Jen wasn’t feeling well, so Grace and I went to the grocery store unsupervised. And it wasn’t one of those quick and dirty trips, either; it was a full-blown week’s worth of groceries type of things. Jen was apprehensive, but like I said, she wasn’t feeling well, so armed with a list of items and two coupons, Grace and I headed to the store.

Medium AuburnOne of the items on the list was hair dye. Now, in order not to give away any secrets, I won’t say which of the three of us required this item. But it was Preference by L’Oréal, Medium Auburn.

I had no idea they had so many different shades of hair dye. I figured they had your basic selection: black, brown, blonde, red. Maybe light and dark within each color. But, no, there’s like 100 different shades. So I started scanning the shelf for medium auburn and had some trouble. Grace was helping.

Finally, I turned to Grace and said, “You know what? Let’s get bright red and surprise Mommy.” (I guess the secret’s out.) There was a woman stocking shelves nearby who overheard me. Without even looking my direction, she said, “I hope you have a comfortable couch.”

Hop on PopI laughed and replied that it wouldn’t be the worst thing I’ve done. As I was talking, Grace tapped me on the arm and handed me the box with Medium Auburn. “How did you find that?” I asked her. I mean, Grace is just a beginning reader. We work on books like Hop on Pop, but they don’t have words like medium or auburn.

“I recognized the lady on the front of the box,” she said.

That’s my girl.

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