Tangelo’s really generating interest, apparently.

The Mac OS X version alone has been downloaded over 3,300 times since its release last Tuesday. The website has received over 135,000 in seven days. I had to upgrade my hosting plan (so please don’t click that link!), but that’s a good problem.

Apple featured Tangelo as a “hot pick” on its Mac OS X Downloads page. That was pretty cool. By far, they’re driving more traffic to us than anyone else. But we’re also getting a lot of traffic from MacNN, MacWorld, and Ranchero Software, because Brent Simmons was cool enough to give us a mention (Tangelo supports the External Weblog Editor API he authored). Brent Simmons is one cool guy.

So version 1.1 is in the works. I’ve added a little feature or two and tweaked some existing ones. Plus I need to do some work on the FTP portion of the setup wizard.

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