Spam, Eggs, Sausage, and Spam

It just never stops. More spam

Hi again,

Here is Ina Vang. I wite you because we are accepting your mortgage application.
Our office confirms you can get a $220.000 loÀn for a $352.00 per month payment.
Approval process will take 1 minute, so please fill out the form on our website:

[address removed]

Thank you.

Best Regards Ina Vang
First Account Manager

My Dearest Ina,
Well, with such an obvious command of the English language, you’re definitely the first company I’ll consider when I want a loÀn whose monthly payment is, for some perfectly valid and rational reason, higher than the actual loÀn amount. Unless that’s supposed to be a comma there in the loÀn amount. When I need the loÀn, I’ll make sure to wite you back wight away. Please bear in mind that the competition was tight, because I received the exact same terms (and messages) from Augustus Mcclendon (I find it fascinating that Augustus doesn’t capitalize the second “c” in his last name), Janine Prather, and Michael Sloan. I figure you all must work out of the same office or something, right?

Thank you.

Best Regards Brad Rhine

PS: Ina, if you need any v1@agra or c|al1s, let me know. I know a guy and I can h00k y0u up.

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