A Candidate of My Own

Tangelo BadgeWith the election just hours away, I thought I’d mention a candidate of my own: Tangelo 1.0 Final Candidate 1. You can grab it here if you want to beta test. Unless any significant bugs are found, this is the build that will become 1.0 final. Ahhh, sweet relief. I’ve been working on Tangelo since December (well, since March with the current codebase). Dang, just found two bugs while in the process of writing this post. Crap. Well, they look easy enough. Hopefully I can fix them tonight.

The new version includes some more minor interface improvements and … drum roll please… spell checking, possibly the single most requested feature. The Windows version now ships as an installer, so everything goes in the right places. The Mac version is now a bundle, which was needed to support spell checking.

It’s available for Mac OS X and Windows 2000/XP. If there are any brave 10.2 or Win2000 users out there, it could probably still stand some more testing there.

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