First, let me say that it’s not just me that thinks Ariel is hot.

I’ve just learned that INXS, who was my absolute favorite band for a couple years in high school (yes, yes, I know, just shut up), is going to do a reality show called Rock Star, in which they’ll hold auditions on five continents to find a replacement for Michael Hutchence, who died in 1997. I’m so disappointed in these guys. I thought they had more class than this.

One random reason why I don’t drink: The man went to the hospital last week complaining of serious stomach pains, and X-rays revealed the construction bars were lodged in his stomach. I do enough stupid things while I’m sober.

Lava safety tips:

– Stay inside the National Park Service’s rope perimeter.
– Do not go near the water and do not enter bench areas. Stay at least a quarter-mile inland.
– Move inland quickly if you hear cracking or booming sounds or other unusual noises.

I’ve also learned, after less than 48 hours of relative solitude, that if I were still single, I’d probably be dead.

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