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I need help from diabolical minds. Here’s the situation. My sister let me know the other day that neighborhood kids, mostly teens, are using her yard for a bypass. They cut through all the time, about six to twelve on any given day. This is rude, but it wouldn’t be so bad if not compounded by the fact that they tend to linger there, near the deck, and socialize. They tend to use language that she would rather not explain to her four-year-old and seven-year-old sons.

Now despite my sister’s attitude about Thin Mints, I want to help her. Of course, the situation gets more complicated. Her neighbor doesn’t care, and so won’t cooperate with any efforts to keep kids from wandering through.

So what we’re looking for is this: some way to prevent or deter miscellaneous people from cutting through her yard that doesn’t rely on the cooperation of neighbors. I thought of some sort of motion sensitive hose, but that may prove to be difficult to build. The catch is that it can’t be anything that some kid’s parents would sue over.

Looking for suggestions. Thanks in advance.

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