Dog Food

SatchelI’ve released tangelo 1.0b3 to my beta testers. I indicated to them that this release is code-named “The Appetizer.” 1.0b4 will be the “Dog Food” release, at which point I’ll begin to use tangelo for this weblog. I’ll be, as they say, eating my own dog food.

This means I have to figure out how to get posts from Movable Type into tangelo, since I’m sure as crap not re-typing them all 566 of them. The first thing to try is the default export format from Movable Type. If that works, that will make life a lot easier for me, and for anyone moving from Movable Type to tangelo.

I also have to choose a commenting system to use until I develop my own. Hopefully I can salvage all 669 comments as well, because there’s stuff in there that shouldn’t be lost. Well, OK, some of it maybe should be lost, but there’s still some really good stuff in there.

By the way, whoever’s been stuffing ballots for Snow White: knock it off.

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