Thin Mints Reflux

Thin Mints RefluxMy mother has yielded in the Great Thin Mints Controversy. After seeing my exhaustive research and receiving confirmation from esteemed men like Desktop Joe and Cousin Ron, she has admitted that Thin Mints were probably not always dark in the middle.

But, stubborn is as stubborn does, it seems.

My sister is bound and determined to disbelieve until her dying day. Her husband stands by her side, almost unflinchingly. It’s touching, really, because you can tell by looking at him that deep down inside, he knows I’m right. Although he actually accused me of doctoring the picture, despite the link to the official Girl Scouts of America Web Site. Someday, someday, he and my sister will come around.

Because, honestly, I think I know the difference between cookies and candy.

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