Concert In The Park

In August, 2002, Anonymous Joe played a show in the Elizabethtown Borough Park as part of the Summer Arts Festival. Mike’s brother Jim was kind enough to record the show for us. I’ve finally gotten around to splitting out the tracks. So, here they are.

I had to remove the tracks that I can’t legally distribute (cover songs). Included are 13 Anonymous Joe songs, four of which we had never recorded before) plus a brief intro. All songs are ripped into MP3 format at 160k. They are properly tagged and even include (admittedly lame) album artwork.

The songs feature me on guitar and vocals, my lovely wife Jen on bass, and the multi-talented Steve Goss on drums and percussion. This was an acoustic show, so the songs have a pretty laid-back feel for the most part.

I used the wonderful open source program Audacity to split out the tracks and smooth out the opening and closing of each song.

Be forewarned: the ZIP file is over 60 megabytes to download.

Here’s a track list if you’re interested:
Forever (never recorded before)
It Happens All The Time
Strange Days
If I Fell
Burning Bridges
Lucy The Angel
Take It All Away
Call Your Name (never recorded before)
Waste (never recorded before)
Anymore (never recorded before)
No Soul For Sale

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