Visitors Here’s a shot of my current visitors (actual numbers of hits are blurred, because that’s none of yer stinkin beezwax).

Now, I realize that my readership is skewed heavily toward the Mac, except for Windoze heathens like Bill and Josh. I’m very curious about the 24.5% “Unknown” though. What’s up with that? Atari? Commodore? TSR-80? Apple II? I don’t know. It remains a mystery.

The 3.7% from Linux are likely from Dave’s recent misadventures with Suse. Periodically, he stubbornly refuses to believe that Linux isn’t really ready for the desktop and insists upon installing a distribution somewhere, only to become dismayed and disenchanted shortly thereafter. But I digress.

Most interesting to me are the bottom three entries. BeOS, FreeBSD, and WebTV? Are you kidding me? FreeBSD isn’t a total shock, I guess, but BeOS? Who the heck uses BeOS anymore? Didn’t they hear what happened? And yes, I fully appreciate the irony of a Mac user teasing someone who uses an operating system with a microscopic market share, so there’s no need to point it out, thank you very much. To the BeOS user: show yourself! Leave a comment! Tell us why you’re using BeOS. Seriously, I’m not teasing. I’m really curious about it.

As for WebTV, well, I have an anecdote about that. I won’t get into the whole thing now, but it ended with me turning to a co-worker and saying, “You know, I always wondered what kind of person uses WebTV. Now I know.” Dave probably remembers.

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