Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah… FREQ OUT!


Sore throat.

Stuffy head.

Lots of drippage and related nastiness.

So I stayed home from work today and plugged away on Frequency 2.0. I’m happy to say that, due to possibly the most productive sick day I’ve ever taken, Frequency 2 has reached beta status, at least on OS X. I still need to test the Windows build, but being sick and all, I was way too lazy to get out the XP laptop.

It has real support for multiple weblogs. Right next the file menu, there’s a Weblogs menu that lists everything you’ve set up. The first nine can be accessed with command or control and the corresponding number. Pretty nice. And you can switch weblogs in the middle of writing a post or doing whatever. Drafts are shared between all weblogs. Each weblog also has its own preview font.

I’ve also added FTP file transfers. Each weblog has its own set of FTP settings. You can this to copy single files or folders of files up to your server without ever leaving Frequency. It’s all just drag and drop once it’s configured.

No Atom support yet. Atom’s only at 0.3. I’m waiting until at least 0.8 or 0.9 before release anything based on it.

Based on the new features, the price will be going up. $19 for new users. $9 for registered users of Frequency 1.x.

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