iAm rather sad. iDropped my iTrip getting into my car as iLeft work today.

The light comes on, but the iTrip no longer broadcasts anything but static.

iAm quite distressed about this. iSuppose iNeed to call Griffin to find out about the warranty, but iHave a feeling they won’t be inclined to do much for me, and iReally don’t want to buy another iTrip.

iAm done writing the iStuff now.

On a semi-related note, here’s a question for you wire-heads. In my 2003 Saturn VUE, I have the stock CD player (no cassette, just CD and AM/FM). I know nothing about how everything fits together, and my only experience in installing car audio is when I was in high school and carried a boom box on the passenger seat of my 1986 Escort L so I could listen to tapes. Anyway, here’s the question. Would it possible to install a simple cassette deck in addition to my CD player? There’s definitely room beneath the CD player, but I don’t know how everything’s wired together. How difficult would such a job be? Would I be better off calling Saturn?

The reason? Well, if I had a cassette desk in the car, it would solve two problems. First, I wouldn’t need to replace the iTrip, since I have several CD-cassette adapters that I could use with my iPod. Second, I still have a bunch of tapes that I can’t really listen to anywhere.

Thoughts? Comments? Smart remarks?

On second thought, keep your smart remarks to yourself. I know I’m a doofus, and I don’t need to be reminded of that.

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