Following Up…

Jen really disliked the bass line, but not because of its MIDI-ness. The sound was actually quite convincing. Software instruments have come a long way.

She didn’t feel that the bass line fit well with the guitar line. And she’s right. Which is why it was only ever temporary to begin with.

We’re going to try to record her actual bass line (the one she wrote) this weekend. Hopefully we’ll be able to record the full song, except for vocals. I still need a mic cable or two for that.

Busy weekend, come to think of it. Friday night (which is actually later today at this point) is our non-Valentine Party. Saturday I want to finish up the Frequency 1.6 docs and revamp the Frequency website (now on — have I mentioned that?). And I’m hoping to add a validating Atom 0.3 feed to tangelo as well.

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