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Penguin CardSometimes, you see something that just seems so totally and completely unnecessary.

This is one of those things. The other day in the mail, I received an offer to sign up for a Linux credit card.

I will be the first to admit that I use a General Motors MasterCard. That card, however, has saved me somewhere in the neighborhood of two thousand dollars on vehicle purchases. I doubt that the Linux MasterCard will save me money on my next Linux purchase. I mean, it’s open source; do the math.

To be honest, I don’t what other benefits or rewards this card may offer. I laughed and threw it away. It just seemed so self-consciously techno-hip.

Besides, the letter said, “Dear Linux Supporter” in the salutation. I have no problems with Linux (aside from some usability issues), but I don’t know that I’d label myself a Linux supporter. At one time, I really wanted to dig into Linux, but then Mac OS X came out, and I haven’t had much interest since.

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