Welcome to My World

Here are some excerpts from our current list of open tech requests. Names have been changed, but these are otherwise unaltered.

The new teacher coverage system that [name deleted] wants me to use is not working out at the present time.

Okay, this doesn’t sound like a tech problem.

Please make every effort to put working computers in room 2745.

Hmmm… every effort? That sounds like a lot of work. How about every other effort?

Is there any way we can delete student accounts on [program name deleted]? The students have been creating nonsense account names, and some are vulgar.

These are the requests that make me feel like I’m really contributing to the world.

I’d really like to use my laptop at my desk. Can you run cords safely to get it there?

Of course, her desk is like fifty feet away from the nearest network connection.

[Name deleted] checked the computers in the lab and here are the results: #14 shows a disk with a ?; #23 is 0.k.; #24 is o.k.; #25 is frozen; #28 – the cursor won’t move. Thanks for passing this on.

Well, I’m glad 23 and 24 are OK.

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